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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mom Beats Daughter for being a THOT....Is this abuse or is mom doing her job? [Video]

In today's society spanking your child could land you to jail or the state taking your kids away.  I remember when getting a "beating," or I guess "spanking" is the more appropriate word, was very common in households.  How many of you remember your brother or sister saying, "ohhh, you gonna get a beatin?." That's right "beatin," because that's what we called it.

Today, you have kids calling authorities, parents getting arrested, and why?  Because they want their kids to grow up and be positive contributors to society.  However, there is a very thin line between disciplining and abuse - where do we draw the line, and does discipline really help a child/young adult who has been allowed to misbehave for any length of time.

Many parents only discipline when they've had enough - calls from school, kids coming and going as they please, police involvement, etc.  Or something as simple as not doing the dishes or taking out the trash might set an already stressed parent off.  Too often, discipline is determined by the type of day a parent is having - boyfriend/girlfriend pissed them off, long day at work, can't find a job -- but by this time, no amount of discipline will deter a child from doing what they're doing.

I am a true believer that it's never too late to change, but as parents, we have to provide guidance and nurturing to teach our children the right and wrong things to do.  Even if they've been "bad," as long as you can remember, there's still time to turn the tables so they don't end up in the prison system, uneducated, jobless, homeless, or wherever going down the wrong path will lead them.

Watch the video and tell me what you think?  Was mom really disciplining, was she relieving the stress in her own life, or was she putting on a show for the camera?   What kind of parent records and posts something like this anyway...just a thought.

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