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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How To Wear Perfume Correctly - Get The Maximum Benefit From Your Perfume

The right perfume goes a long way to helping you express your personality and become more attractive. You've probably spent a great deal of time and effort to select the right fragrance, as you ought to, but are you actually wearing the perfume correctly. Most people are unaware of how to apply fragrances correctly in order to get the desired effect.
Perfume should always be used sparingly so that the overall effect is not overpowering. Excess perfume can result in headaches not just for the wearer but also for people in the wearer's immediate vicinity. Even if it does not result in a headache the overall effect will be very tacky.
- Be sure to apply fragrance to the pulse points of your body so that it slowly gets dispersed into the air thanks to the heat generated by blood underneath, ensuring that you smell good for a long time. The pulse points are located at the wrists, backs of the knees, cleavage, behind ear lobes and also the inner creases of the elbows. Perfume can be sprayed or dabbed at the pulse points of your choice.

- Avoid rubbing the perfume on the areas it has been applied on. For example, do not rub your wrists together after applying perfume on them because this will change the scent slightly.
- Since perfume does not last very long on dry skin, you should always try to wear it on moisturized skin. Avoid wearing a scented moisturizer because the two scents will clash. A simple solution will be to apply petroleum jelly to the area where you will spray or dab the perfume.
- Spray a little bit of perfume into the air ahead of you and walk into the fine mist immediately so as to get maximum coverage on your clothes and hair. Don't spray too much or else you will end up drenching yourself in perfume. Not only will this not smell very nice but will also work out to be very costly in the long run.
- Don't spray perfume on your clothes because this invariably results in strange looking patches. The fabric can also get discolored on account of the chemicals present in the perfume.
Your perfume bottles will obviously last longer if you use their contents sparingly. Be sure to look after them properly as well; keep your bottles away from direct sunlight and remember to screw their lids on properly.
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