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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wendy Williams Being Sued for Illegally Classifying Interns to Save Money

Wendy Williams has a legal battle brewing AGAIN...
Anthony Tart, an ex-intern for "The Wendy Williams Show," has filed a 12-page complaint against the talk show host claiming that he and over 100 other interns were classified as "minimum wage exempt workers."  According to news reports, this is a violation of the New York federal and state laws.
The class action suit filed last week, and it's being reported this has been "common practice" since 2008, so the company should lower their labor costs.
Normally, unpaid interns exchange pay for the experience they gain.  However, the complaint states there was no training or experience other than handling the work that full-time employees would handle.
“Tart was hired by Defendants in or about August 2012 and performed various tasks including, but not limited to, washing dishes, getting coffee, picking up art supplies, stocking printers, throwing out garbage, and creating a tape library,” court documents state. 
The amount of damages being sought by Tart is undisclosed at this time, and will be determined by a judge at trial, for the work he did between August and September 2012, working two days a week.
There has been no comment from the Williams' camp at this time, but if you remember back in 2008, Nicole Spence sued Williams and her husband claiming sexual harassment, verbal, and physical abuse. 
We'll keep you updated...

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