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Monday, October 13, 2014

How To Create A Business Blueprint And Take Action To Start An Internet Business Working From Home

If you are trying to start your own internet business, you may have already experienced some confusion and felt overwhelmed at times. This is because in the beginning, there is just so much information out there that most new marketers get stuck in the rut of learning and never getting to the point of actually "doing". 
Way too much to absorb, with the realization of how much there is to learn and do in order to set up your business can be totally daunting. Information overload, and on top of that, you are a target for other marketers trying to sell their products and convince you that their "thing" is for you.
In the beginning, you think you need everything as you don't know anything. You really have to be very careful about what you buy and from whom. There are so many people out there just trying to make a quick buck, whilst charging a fortune for a low quality and disappointing product.

It's important to create a plan or blueprint to help you achieve your goals.
A business needs three things to be successful:
time, focus, and resources
In an online business, there are 5 key areas that need to work in unison in order to make it work. These are:
· a great product or service
· consistent lead generation & list building
· consistent sales
· being organised, good administration
· constant personal growth and education in this rapidly evolving industry
blueprint is necessary to know how to build a business in a specific order so that the outcome you wanted is achieved and all the components of running a business, mentioned above, work together. If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail. It's as simple as that. As much as this sounds like another cliché, it's the truth!
How To Create your Blueprint:
1: Focus on & Define The Outcome You Want To Achieve
Start with the end goal in sight, and focus on this with clarity. Be specific and write down your end goal, such as "I want to increase my income by $1,000 a month," or whatever it is you want. Be realistic about what you want and build it up from there. Take steps as you go. For instance, don't start off by bluffing yourself that your goal is to make a million dollars in the next six months, or you won't believe it, and you will feel like you are lying to yourself about what you can achieve. Keep your big goals for a later stage, when you have already proven to yourself that you can make some money online. Specific goals drive specific actions to achieve those goals, so make sure your goal focuses on what you want, not what you do not want.
2: Create an Action-plan
In order for you to achieve your goal, you need a plan of how you are going to achieve it. It isn't possible to just sit back in front of the TV, thinking that you will be a millionaire in a year. You have to have an Action Plan and take ACTION! My life only started coming together once I had visualized a goal and made a plan of how I was going to achieve that goal. I knew I wanted to be wealthy, but I was not specific at all in exactly what I wanted and I didn't know how. Now that you have this report, you know how you can make a lot of money quickly. You just need to put it into action!
Most people don't have a plan because they don't know what they want.
Your plan should include tasks that you can do every day, in order to reach your goal. Use strong words, such as "I WILL write two articles every day", or "I WILL find a new way of getting leads this week and start doing trying it out". Specific goals call for specific actions.
3: Do Something For Your Business Every Day
Most people only work as hard as they have to, and most only work under pressure, to achieve a certain outcome. As humans, we need a burning desire to motivate us to do more. Take consistent action every day towards your ultimate goal. Remember "Rome wasn't built in a day". It takes time and effort to set up your business, but once it is set up, it will be so rewarding. At that point, all you will have to do is maintain it and add on extras here and there to make it even more successful.
Once you can visualize your GOALS and have a basic BLUEPRINT of how and what it is that you want to accomplish, you're ready to start taking ACTION to make your dreams come true and the laptop lifestyle your reality.
Take Action & Learn By Doing
Humans learn best by "doing". Someone can explain how to do something for hours, but until we actually try it out for ourselves, we do not get ahead in any way. For instance, someone can explain to you how to ride a bicycle, but until we actually get on the bicycle ourselves, and do as we have been instructed, we do not actually grasp the concept in full. You cannot learn to ride a bicycle from a manual. The same goes for running an internet business and making an online income.
The best way is just to get stuck in. Learn as you go, and you will find the information you need for specific things as you move forward in your online career. Find a mentor, or another successful marketer who resonates with you and follow them. Do what they did and still do, to make their millions. Purchase their products and sign up to their list. Follow them on social media and learn from them. Don't randomly purchase products from everyone who sends you something you think you may need. If you follow this advice, you will also avoid confusion. Everyone tells you something different and you end up listening to the advice of 10 people. Best to do your research and find someone whom you can relate to and follow that one person in the beginning. Once you know what you're doing, then you can expand and check out what others are up to in the field.
Most people are "passive", they drift along and go with the flow, day by day. Their lives aren't great, but they're okay. These people will remain average and are content with that. Another personality type are the "reactive" ones, without any plan or goal. These people respond to life; they don't create it, this is the worst type, as they are negative and feel like the world owes them something, but they are not prepared to go out and get what it is they desire and they are angry and aggressive with the hand that life has dealt them, not realizing that it is within their power to change their own lives.
The opposite of these types are the "proactive" people who actively create the path that they want. They are the most successful and happy ones. They are in control. So, be a proactive person, and go out, take ACTION and get what you want!
The fact is that you already have enough life experience, gifts, talents, and abilities required to achieve anything you can conceive.
Learn by Doing:
Any new venture deserves a commitment and investment - not only in financial terms, but also in terms of effort and time. If you'd invested a million dollars in this business, would you spend the time to learn how to do it successfully? Of course you would! So, spend the time now to build a successful, solid, growing business, you'll be rewarded later with the freedom of financial security and the time to enjoy it!
A common factor in marketing failure is rushing. Take your time to learn by doing things daily. Don't try and "run before you can walk", or you will end up totally overwhelmed and confused. Instead, follow your blueprint and consistently do something every day to learn and at the same time, advance in your online business. Develop as you go along and put a system in place that works for you.
Abraham Lincoln once said, "If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend four sharpening the axe."
Knowledge without action is pointless. Take immediate, decisive action and shift the power of your word in your favour.
Start speaking as if you are already successful, it makes you believe even more that you can achieve your goals. Use statements such as:
"I'm excited about creating my online lifestyle."
"I am focused and driven and finish what I start."
"I do my best and embrace challenges."
Make your own list of affirmations and statements and refer to them when you are facing a challenge! Remember that consistent action is the key to being a successful marketer in any business. Eliminate the phrase "my problem is... " from your vocabulary right now! That's the first step in turning your focus onto the solutions and learning to control your circumstances. So, embrace growth, be teachable and open to learning and grow with your business. A reminder to be careful about which courses you follow and what information you sign up for and purchase. Follow your mentor and add your own touch and personality, but follow their basic steps and you can't go wrong.
Anything, and everything is possible. Your desired achievement, regardless of your surrounding circumstances, is attainable if you want the end result badly enough. And, another useful quote:
"Study the unusually successful people you know, and you will find them imbued with enthusiasm for their work which is contagious. Not only are they themselves excited about what they are doing, but they also get you excited." - Paul W. Ivey
If you enjoyed this article, you can discover more on how to start your own successful internet marketing business by downloading your FREE report "7 Simple Secrets To Making An Unlimited Income Online - A Powerful Strategy To Making Money Now" at

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