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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Safe Love

Condoms, as we all know are polyurethane or latex devices used during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. However, most people fail to buy condoms that suit them or are simply not aware of the different types available and their advantages. Here are the top 5 tips to keep in mind when you choose your condoms.
1. Where to get/buy condoms:
Ever since condoms became the prime device to prevent pregnancies and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, the early stigma attached to them became irrelevant and are now available openly. Family planning centres and sexual health clinics give them away for free. You can purchase condoms from supermarkets/ malls, convenience stores and your local gas station. There are vending machines selling them at strategically placed locations such as toilets. They can also be bought online through different channels and they are delivered at your doorstep discreetly.
2. Check condoms for safety:
Condoms have manufacturing and expiration dates marked on the box and the individual packet. Do not use condoms that have passed the expiry date. Condoms are adversely affected by heat and light and if they are not stored properly, their quality may decline. Hence, avoid storing them in your wallet or the glove compartment of your car. In the UK, strict norms are followed and condoms that have been appropriately tested and ratified carry the British Standard Kite Mark or the EEC Standard Mark (CE).
3. Choose condoms by size, shape, colour and flavour:
Condoms are made in different sizes in terms of length and width by various manufacturers. There is no standard or specific size- some are a 'tight' fit while others could be larger. In any case, latex or rubber condoms have a natural stretch and should fit a larger erect penis as well.
Condoms also come in different shapes. Generally, they have a reservoir tip or a plain tip. The linear shape could be regular, flared or form fit. Then there are ribbed and dotted condoms, so designed to enhance the pleasure for both partners. There are a variety of colours they come in as well. And flavours too! Flavoured condoms are basically made to enhance the pleasure of oral sex. You can buy condoms that you feel best suit you. It would be good too, to consult your partner for personal preferences, so that at the end of the act both of you are satiated!
4. Effectiveness of condoms:
Condoms are very effective at preventing pregnancy as well as reducing the risk of HIV infection during sexual intercourse. The condom also provides protection from most other sexually transmitted diseases. Under test conditions, latex condoms are very effective but in daily life care should be taken in proper storage as well as proper use. Moreover, condoms do not have any of the side effects of drugs.
5. Enjoy!
Now, after going through the above tips, you are sure to choose the one that is right for you. Buy the condoms, rush back to your partner and have a great time!  By 

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