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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Former Maryland Cop Attempts to Attack Prosecutors At Sentencing for Shooting a Handcuffed Man

A former Maryland police officer attempts to attack the prosecutors at his sentencing, which has been delayed until October 15. 
Back in June, a jury convicted Riley of assault, using a handgun during a violent crime and misconduct in office.
In September 2012, Riley shot a handcuffed man, (Kalvin Kyle), in the back after Kyle got out of a police cruiser and began to run away; Kyle was left paralyzed. Riley had earlier pulled Kyle on suspicion of driving a stolen motorcycle.
Apparently, Riley became upset after a prosecutor said he 'Riley' should be held to a higher standard because of his service for the military in Iraq and his position as an officer.
Riley faces a minimum of five years in prison but that his most serious conviction, first-degree assault, carries a maximum of 25 years.

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