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Sunday, September 7, 2014


Last year, model, Natasha Georgette Williams, sued Flo last year for child support. Not only does she want child support for her son, but she wan'ts "good fortune" support -- special support for rich kids.
Now Flo admits that the two were gettin' it in all over the country; however, he was convinced that she had multiple partners, so he's questioning whether or not he is the father.  Flo also offered to pay for an abortion -- of course, my girl declined.  What was he thinking.
Well the results are in, and they didn't need Maury to tell him he's the daddy.  The DNA tests show there is a 99.9999999? chance that he is the father of this child. 
Williams’ lawyer Ray Rafool says, “Though not a surprise to Ms. Williams, we are certainly pleased that the Court ordered paternity test firmly establishes Flo Rida is the father of their son.”
What does Williams have to say about all this talk about her sleeping around, being a video hoe, THOT, etc.:
Let me clarify what's been said. Yes Flo@official_flo is the father of my child. And The media has no idea what they are talking about, because I've known my child's father for many years and when we did start dating he was the only man I was being intimate with. Just because a girl texts or has conversations with other people/men doesn't make her a whore. So please stop assuming or listening to these false rumors! I'm not one for the media never been but this is craziness. Yes I used to boutique model, video model and magazine glamour model. So stop trying to hurt my image. @theshaderoom and other non factor media sites find something positive to do. Stop reporting lies! And trying to negatively affect the lives of good people! #natashageorgette

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