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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why Is Exercise Important for Us?

For more than a couple of decades, the term fitness is continuously being misinterpreted. In this day and age, fitness is associated with having great abs, a well toned body and curves in all the right places. However, there is a lot more to fitness than simply working for a great body. Fitness includes not just a physical state but also the mental well being of an individual.
One needs to understand that being fit is a routine rather than an option. It contributes progressively to the general health of body and also compliments the mental state. There is a common misconception that is needed to be eliminated is that the athletes and sports personnel are physically fit. This is not always true, for instance, a weightlifter may have strength and power but might lack agility and flexibility.
Let's understand the importance of fitness. There are obviously many reasons why fitness is a must for all of us.
Health benefits: A dull and inactive lifestyle exposes an individual to risks such as heart problems which is the major cause of deaths worldwide. According to the studies conducted by Center for Disease Control, individuals who work on their fitness relatively have a greater chance to reduce stroke, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, colon and breast cancer, depression and type 2 diabetes.
Increased stamina, energy and strength: Question is what's the use of all these? These three features help to handle your daily chores with ease. For instance, you will need stamina, strength and energy to climb stairs, to hold your child or carry your groceries. A lot of people do not exercise simply because they lack strength. A recent study on middle aged women concluded that weights lifting made women 26% more active.
Increased bone health and strength: Your bones stay strong and healthy throughout the time you exercise. It is a common knowledge that both men and women tend to lose bone mass from the age of 35. Thus it is important to keep exercising.
Body shape: This is a major reason why most of us work out. Losing weight without workout is not good as you lose muscles with your body fat, which in turn slows down metabolism and makes you weak. This all adds up to a low quality life as you become dull and inactive. Thus, proper exercise is important to maintain a healthy and good looking body.
Thus exercise is a must in every individual's life. It helps to increase the mental sharpness, mood and overall health. Also there are many issues related with no-exercise lifestyles.

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