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Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Plan Your Wedding in a Budget?

Flowers can make a huge hole in the wedding budget of any bride. The huge cost of flowers can easily be cut down to other essentials with a few quick and bright ideas.
Stop being picky
A bride meeting a budget wedding cannot be picky. Decorations are the spaces to cut corners if you are on a budget. Flowers fall in the highest rank in this category. Choose among the flowers that will cost you the least. This can be a huge range if you wish. In case you require having the floral part done on a budget be open to the florists suggestions.
A vacation wedding
A wedding at Christmas or Easter will encompass a huge drop in the prices of flowers. The church will be decorated due to the vacations letting you actually save on the venue decorations cost.
Bridal party cut down
The bouquets and boutonnieres are a few of the greatest costs to be named. In case the bridal party is smaller the cost actually falls. Tuxedos, dresses and bridal party gifts are a few to name that will encompass the cutting of cost section.
A garden wedding
A garden will get you a venue that is already decorated. The need to d├ęcor and arrangements are automatically met when the venue is a beautiful garden.
Silk flowers
Silk flowers are wonderful options. They can be arranged exactly as you want them. They are beautiful and last forever. The best part? You can also sell them once the wedding is over.
Buy used silk flowers
As you can sell your silk flowers, so you can use the flowers used by others at your wedding. In this case you might actually be saved the pain of arranging them too. And then again you can sell them once you are done with your wedding.
Borrow your flowers
Borrow the flowers from someone who had the wedding the day before. this will save you from spending even a dime on flowers.
Give up on flowers
One super chic wedding incorporated the use of peacock feathers instead of flowers. The bun to the bride can have the feather too. The flowers can be replaced with lanterns and flowers; this is an excellent option for an evening wedding. No one will even notice the flowers missing at this super chic wedding.
A wedding can be made in about $200, if you can manage with only two bouquets, two boutonnieres, the necessary corsages, along with the altar arrangement.
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