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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Custody Battle: Ciara & Future Over Baby Future

Earlier this month, Ciara called off her engagement to rapper, Future, just three months after giving birth to their son, Future Zahir Wilburn was born.

Ciara, of course, wants full custody of their son BUT.....Future is prepared to go to court seeking full custody as well.  

According to Us Weekly, the couple split when Future, allegedly cheated on her.  Since the split, Ciara has chatted with and apparently she doesn't want her son around Future, because she believes he's a bad influence, which is why she is seeking legal counsel to get sole custody.

Now, I can sympathize with the fact that Ciara is feeling some kind of way about her baby daddy, but why is he a bad influence now, but he wasn't last month or the month before?

I say if Future wants to be a daddy, then let him.  Don't keep a son from having a father in his life because you're bitter about what he did to you.  
My best to you both.  Remember, the child is innocent and should not be deprived of having two parents in his life. 

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