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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Barney's to Pay $520,000 to Settle Allegations that Blacks Were Singled Out Because of their Race

Barneys New York

After multiple claims against the upscale retailer, Barneys New York will payout a total of $520,000 for targeting Black and Hispanic shoppers and accusations of shoplifting/credit card fraud at the Madison Avenue store.

Eric Schneiderman, New York State Attorney General stated, "This agreement will correct a number of wrongs both by fixing past policies and by monitoring the actions of Barneys and its employees to make sure that past mistakes are not repeated."

If you remember, back in 2013, 19-year-old Trayon Christian, a black male, filed a lawsuit against Barneys and NYPD after he was accused of using a fraudulent debit card to purchase when he purchased at $349 Ferragamo belt. 

While the charges were later dropped after they discovered he simply saved up the money from a job he had been working to pay like other shoppers, it didn't stop the targeting.

Just weeks after Christian's case made national new, other shoppers came forward with complaints:  Kayla Phillips, 21, purchased a $2,500 suede CĂ©line handbag with her debit card and she too was accused of credit fraud.

Schneiderman conducted an internal investigation with his civil rights division, that included a 9-month duration interviewing shoppers, former employees and overviews of numerous complaints. 
Barneys executives came to an agreement to settle out of court by paying $525,000 in fines, legal expenses, hiring an "anti-profiling consultant" for two consecutive terms, an update on detention policy and improving security and sales personnel through a series of better training.
Remember, never, ever judge the size of a person's wallet by the color of their skin.  Every dark skinned person isn't broke, just like every light skinned person isn't rich. 

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