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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Barbecuing Greens: 5 Things Every Griller Must Know

Not only are they great for the body, but they help balance out a protein-heavy meal as well. One great thing concerning grilling veggies is that unlike meats, you can tell that they're good to go merely by looking at them.
Below are 5 crucial pointers that every griller must understand to effectively barbecue veggies:
1. Constantly use oil.
Oil is an extremely important element for working with vegetables on the grill. Oil them up before they hit the grill-- this stops them from drying out while cooking and also assists flavoring and seasonings to stick even more evenly to your veggies. Just use a light layer of oil and don't use too much as oil raises the risk of flare-ups, gets in the way of flavor and adds unneeded calories. Olive or vegetable oil is most ideal.
2. Size matters.
For veggies to cook even more uniformly on the grill, it is crucial to cut or cut them into workable pieces. The best size would be small enough to cook quickly, but not too small to drop in between grates. It is also optimal to use a grill basket or some skewers to cook smaller sized veggies like cherry tomatoes. Through this, you will not have an issue with your food dropping through the grates plus you'll conserve time as you can cook them in batches.
3. Know your veggies.
While veggies and fruits usually cook faster as compared to meats, various kinds of fruit and vegetables also have various cooking times on the grill. Softer veggies will just take a min or 2, however tougher veggies like potatoes will take longer. One trick you can attempt is to pre-cook denser veggies by steaming them to ensure that they would cook faster on the grill.
4. Never use high heat when grilling
Medium-low heat is most optimal when cooking veggies on the grill. Considering that they cook faster, they also have a high possibility of getting charred faster. If you're grilling vegetables along with your meat, position the meat in the hottest part of the grill and spread out the veggies on the sides.
5. Remember the flavoring
Season veggies to make them much more delicious, however don't use too much flavoring especially when you're consuming them with meat, as they can quickly overwhelm the main meal. Lightly season vegetables with salt and pepper before they hit the grill or lightly coat them with vinaigrette once they're cooked.
Comply with these easy yet reliable pointers to make terrific grilled vegetable side meals or vegetable skewers for your following barbeque night!
For more techniques about the right way of grilling vegetables, visit the Greens on the Grill website.

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