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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Joseline Pregnant by Rick Ross...Say it Ain't So....

Sooooo, word on the street is that that Joseline Hernandez is pregnant by none other than The Boss, Rick Ross.
Those close to the couple say Stevie had no idea she was cheating on him and since they use condoms, he couldn't understand how she could be pregnant -- well we all know condoms aren't 100% effective -- but Joseline being the bold woman that she is, allegedly told Stevie what was going on. 
Yesterday, Benzino said that Joseline Hernandez was about to be exposed ...

Now Stevie J took to Twitter to talk about people hurting him...he told a follower who referred to Joseline as his Puerto Rican Princess that 'he didn't have one of those,' and said instead of being heartbroken he was blessed. [Start reading the thread from the bottom]

Now this morning, Mediatakeout reported that Joseline had been having an affair with rapper Rick Ross and was pregnant with his baby. 
Rumor?  Maybe.  Publicity stunt?  Maybe
Scandalous?  Definitely....
Stevie, how does it feel boo-boo?  Remember, what goes around, comes around.

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