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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tax Lien for Lil Scrappy - Owes Over 258k to Various Individuals...Where's the Queen, I say!

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If you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you know that when relationships go sour for Lil Scrappy (real name Darryl Kevin Richardson II), his women are always taking about what they've done for him - utilities in their name, cell phone bills, cars, etc.  Well, one thing they didn't do was payoff his lawsuits -- and the people want their money.
The rapper was slapped with a tax lien recently, which doesn't even scratch the surface. Scrappy owes 258k to multiple individuals for losing lawsuits.  He owes Chancy Hope 150k after losing a lawsuit and a concert booking agency, Heavy Rotation, 108k just to name a few. 
Well my question is, where is the Queen of the castle?  Isn't the income coming into the kingdom enough to pay for the mama's boys expenses? 
I say, "Off with his head," and get that man working Queen, so he can pay his debts before he goes to the dungeon. 

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