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Monday, May 12, 2014

Walmart Increases Pay For Top Execs But Not Those Who Do the Real Work...SMDH

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Despite decreasing revenues, and still paying minimum wage to the real workers "employees," Walmart has increased the pay for the top execs.
Walmart's executives are supposed to get incentive pay when Walmart is doing well.  It's been reported that while Walmart is not doing so well, but the company can make what they call "adjustments" to justify giving execs a raise.
Now, here we have top executives - pencil pushers, who are already raking in millions of dollars each year while the "little people" can't get more than minimum wage. 
Check this out: 
One of the adjustments made gave Bill Simon his $1.5 million in incentive pay.  This adjust was to cover the fact that Walmart's sales didn't shrink after Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits were cut in November.  
So where would Walmart be if all of their employees went on strike and no one would cross the picket line.  I wish we could find that out, but the reality is, just about all of us who work do so because we need a paycheck.

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