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Friday, May 9, 2014

Scammers Cash In on Rebecca Ramnarine's (9 y/o), Tragic Death: Claiming to Be Relatives Collecting Money for Funeral Expenses

If losing  your 9-year-old little girl isn't enough to deal with, parents of little Rebecca Ramnarine are now dealing with scammers - straight thieves trying to cash in from their daughter's unfortunate death.
The 9 year-old was in the back seat of a car coming home from church in Brooklyn last week, when a man, Robert Palache, 62, fleeing from police slammed into the vehicle Rebecca was riding in. Not only was Palache driving with a suspended license, but he had just been involved in a previous hit-and-run when he was fleeding from authorities.
As only one can imagine - the pain and suffering this family is going through, just trying to come to grips with the fact that their precious daughter is gone - just days after this tragic incident,   Richard and Abiola Ramnarine found out people had launched a account, claiming to be little Rebecca's aunt and uncle,setting up a fund for Rebecca's funeral.  
“I literally went crazy. I started bawling,”  Abiola Ramnarine said. “How can you be this crazy that you’re going to exploit my pain and turn it into money gained for you?”
Straight to hell you go-----

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