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Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's a Win for Floyd Mayweather and Some Are Not Happy

Floyd Mayweather celebrates his victory against Marcos Maidana following their fight at MGM Grand.

Many people say Mayweather just continues to cash in because there aren't many opponents in his weight class to fight.  But who's fault is that?  While I personally can't stand Mayweather's cockiness -  you can't deny that he is a great fighter and puts on a good show!  He cashing in and you can't knock him for that!

Here's how the post-fight press conference played out last night:

Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana arrived together at their post-fight press conference Saturday night, about an hour after Mayweather had won a hard-fought majority decision in a much tougher fight than most expected.
The press conference began well, with Mayweather, sporting a cut over his right eye and a welt over his left, congratulating Maidana on a great fight.
"You're a great fighter and very tough competitor," Mayweather told Maidana, who hails from Argentina. "Congratulations on the new baby. She's beautiful.
"Next time, just don't hit me (below the belt) so much."
Maidana quickly replied: "Next time let me use my gloves," a reference to a drawn-out pre-fight controversy involving the gloves Maidana wanted to wear.
Things went downhill from there.
Maidana said, "give me a (bleeping) rematch."
Mayweather, standing at the podium while Maidana sat to the side, replied: "We can take it back down there right now if you want. Put the ring back up. … It's not a problem. If he feels he won, we can do it again in September."
September is when Mayweather is scheduled to fight again as part of a deal with Showtime.

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