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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Is Dwyane Wade Ignoring the Court Ordered Mother's Day Visitation for his Sons?

Siohvagh Funches and Dwyane Wade share two sons, Zaire 12, and Zion 6, whom Dwyane has full custody of.  The two have been sparing off back and forth in court since 2007, when Dwyane filed for divorce.
According to Siohvaugh Funches & her attorneys, Dwyane is refusing to drop the children off at her house by Mothers Day, May 11th, even though this is a court-ordered visitation.
“Anything Dwyane and his lawyers do to make my client’s life a living hell, they do,” says Siohvaughn's attorneys “They’ve announced their intention of denying her a court-ordered Mother’s Day visitation, so I’m filing an emergency motion to force them to hand her the children on Mother’s Day.”
Let's hope Dwyane is not that cruel.  It is Mother's Day!

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