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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Former GA Peanut Plant Manager Looking at "No More Than" 7 Years for Nine Deaths Due to Negligence...Hmmm

A former Georgia peanut processing plant manager has pleaded guilty to charges in connection with a 2009 salmonella outbreak that killed nine people.
The outbreak caused one of the largest recalls in history and prompted the government to file criminal charges due to the conditions at Peanut Corporation of America.  Additional charges were due to Lightsey and the employees' alleged attempts to conceal the horrible conditions at the plant.
Samuel Lightsey pleaded guilty yesterday to seven counts, including:  Obstruction of justice, conspiracy and wire fraud.  Lightsey was the manager of the plant at the time, and is accused of scheming to manufacture and ship tainted peanuts.
Prosecutors recommended in a plea agreement that Lightsey serve no more than six years in prison.
Also charged in the case are Peanut Corporation owner Stewart Parnell, his food broker brother Michael Parnell, and Georgia plant quality assurance manager Mary Wilkerson.
Seven years for murdering 9 people...hmmmmm!

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