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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Florida Man Kills Girlfriend's Stepdad and Injures 7 -Year-Old Boy After Not Getting a Whopper at Burger King

I guess you can't really have it your way at Burger King after all -- especially if you're counting on someone else to buy. 
So, Brandon Hawkins and his girlfriend were supposed to meet at a local Burger King so his girlfriend's daughter could borrow a laptop.  All Hawkins wanted out of the deal was a burger.  Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?
Well everything went south when they started arguing about Hawkins having several girlfriends and Jamie refusing to buy Hawkins the Whopper.
According to the local news, “After the meeting, Hawkins told police he became angry over not getting the Triple Whopper he wanted, so he drove to Young’s house at 213 SW Kentwood Road.”
When Hawkin’s arrived at Young’s home, he put a gun to her daughter’s head. Then,Young tried to flee the scene with her 7-year-old little son, and opened fire, critically injuring the 7-year-old who was found bleeding from his stomach.
Hawkin’s then got into an argument with Young’s 70-year-old stepdad and shot him at point-blank range.
This is awful -- and all over a Whopper!  Well not really, it's obvious this man has some issues, and was probably more upset because he was called out on his cheating.  But is that any reason to start shooting.  Damn, did he not have a couple of dollars to buy his own sandwich!
Ladies, be careful who you hook up with!  I'm just saying....

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