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Friday, May 16, 2014

Correction Officers Will Not Face Charges After Beating Sick Black Inmate to Death

Back in 2012, Ronald Spear, in jail on suspicion of robbery, complained that the jail was withholding his kidney treatments while locked up.  His complaints went ignored and shortly thereafter, the Rikers Island inmate was found dead.
Now, medical examiners have ruled the 2012 death of a Rikers Island inmate a homicide, but get this --- none of the correction officers will face charges for his death.
While the medical examiner’s report lists hypertensive cardiovascular disease as the cause of death, more importantly, the report shows blunt force trauma to his head, torso and arms shortly before he died. It was determined by the medical examiner that the head injury was a contributing cause to Spear’s demise.
Family members believe that Spear was beaten because he complained about the lack of medical care he was receiving, and the end result was Spear dying.
To add insult to injury, the District Attorney Robert Johnson, would could not provide an explanation for the head trauma, said after reviewing the case, the office “found it couldn’t prove criminal responsibility (on the officers’ behalf) beyond a reasonable doubt.”
Well if that's not a bunch of bull, I don't know what is.  Just another dead black man - who cares?  WE CARE!!!
That explanation is the same one used to justify not prosecuting another case of denial of medical care by Rikers Island correctional officers in 2012. In that incident, inmate Jason Echevarriaingested a ball of dangerous cleaning powder and was left to die in his cell, despite the fact he asked for medical help from the correctional officers on duty. That case was also ruled a homicide.
When the Bronx DA declined to prosecute, the federal government ultimately sought justice in Echevarria’s death and charged the supervising CO who refused aid.
Spear’s family has called for the federal government to step in on Robert’s case and investigate further, but vow to continue their fight for justice no matter what the feds decide.
“We are disappointed by the DA’s decision not to prosecute,” Spear’s stepmother, Margarette Daniels saidadding, “We are continuing our search for justice for Ronald and for accountability for the correction officers who killed him.”

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