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Friday, May 9, 2014

Apple Looking to Buy Dr. Dre's Beats Electronics: This Could Make Dre The 1st Billionaire Rapper

Andre Young, aka Dr. Dre is no slouch when it comes to making money.

Currently ranked second on the Forbes list of wealthiest hip-hop artists with an estimated wealth of $550 million, Dre is doing quite well for himself.
But Dre is definitely in line to be the world's first hip-hip billionaire, if the deal goes through to sell Beats Electronics to Apple.  Oh, did I mention that Beats Electronics is valued somewhere around the $3.2 billion mark.
Now, Dre won't cash in all by himself.  He worked with music producer, Jimmy Lovine to create Beats back in '08.   Since that time, the company's valuation has topped the $1 billion mark and seems to only be heading upward. 
In case you were wondering how some of the other well off hip-hop artists rank, take a look:
Sean Combs increased his pockets by $120 million last year with his digital cable television network Revolt TV - a JV deal.
Shawn Carter, who we all know as Jay-Z has a net worth estimated to be around $520 million.
Bryan "Birdman" Williams, Cash Money Records co-founder is worth about $160 million, up about $10 million from one year prior.  I'm sure it's thanks to the fantastic artists like Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne.  It also could be attributed to his clothing line and Grand Touring Vodka. 
Just under "Birdman" is Curtis Jackson, aka, 50 Cent, who has a net worth around $140 million.  Aside from music, 50 is into the energy drink market, which increase his wealth by 15 million last year. 

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