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Saturday, May 24, 2014

50 Cent Puts Baby Mama on Blast for Destroying His Relationship With His Son--Not Attending Graduation

It's hard to believe that Curtis Jackson AKA 50 Cent's son, Marquis graduated high school -- but 50 wasn't there.  

It appeared that 50 and his son had a good relationship, but recently, Marquis blasted his dad on social media saying he didn't attend his high school graduation.  50 used his time on 106 & Park to speak on the matter (below).

According to 50, he didn’t attend the graduation is because he never received an invitation.  50 went on to say that he wasn't invited and was in Budapest shooting a film, but he followed that up quickly by saying, he didn't need to explain himself to anyone outside of his family.

“I don’t need an explanation. I don’t really. I think that my personal life, portions of it are actually supposed to be personal and my actual life as an entertainer is a whole ‘nother life. My son, I hadn’t received an invitation to it and when he graduated, I was in Budapest [doing a movie]. I think at some points – the reason why it comes out is because his mom’s going to TMZ. Like, that relationship – I wish she’d find someone so she would leave me alone,” 50 Cent told hosts Bow Wow and Keisha Chante.
When first addressing his relationship with his children, 50 Cent said, “My relationship with my oldest son is actually dictated by his mom and because his mother has developed a negative energy towards me – we go from being friends because we’re adults and if time permits it, there’s some type of intimacy and it grows stronger, that relationship. And then most people in the process gets engaged and married and when they get divorced, sometimes they’re not even friends anymore because one person over-invested, emotionally, and can’t let go and it develops into hate.”
Personally, I think his explanation is a bit lame.  His son graduated high school, not elementary and while his mother may dictate some things, I think if his son wanted him there he should've been there.  Now if he didn't want him to go and there are some underlying issues not being disclosed -- well that's a different story.
50 is right, parts of his life he doesn't have to expose to his fans.  Even entertainers deserve some type of privacy.  But when you go on national television and speak about it -- well that's opening yourself up to comments from the media.
I hope whatever's going on with 50 and his son can be worked out, despite claims that the mother is bringing negativity into the situation.  Again, Marquis is an adult now and not a child, so hopefully the two of them can mend whatever needs to be mended and move on.  50 has always seemed like a good father, but we never know what goes on behind closed doors.  Let's hope they can work it out.

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