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Sunday, May 4, 2014

24 Year Old Pregnant Woman Stabs and Kills Boyfriend While 8 Year-Old Son Looked On - Because he didn't buy her anything on a recent shopping trip!

Killer? Miata Phelan, pictured, allegedly stabbed boyfriend Larry Martin to death for not buying her gifts during a shopping trip

Miata Phelan, 24, has been charged with first degree murder in the April 30th death of her boyfriend, 28 y/o Larry Martin and is currently being held on a $1 million dollar bond.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Phelan stood over Martin after stabbing him and shouted, "This is what you get for messing with me. I hope you die, m***********." 

So why was Phelan so angry and what horrible act did Martin commit to cause her to react this way?  

Well, he didn't buy her anything on a recent shopping trip! That's right.  

Prior to the stabbing, Phelan, Martin, Lavelle (Martin's 8 y/o son, but not Phelan's) and Martin's 25-year-old cousin went to a shopping mall. She (Phelan) got upset and accused Martin of being 'selfish' for buying items for his cousin and son but not her. 

On the drive home, Phelan hit Martin almost causing an accident, according to reports.  After dropping off some items, Phelan kicked and scratched Martin, then sped off in his car leaving Martin, his son, and cousin standing on the street.

Later on upon trying to enter the apartment the couple shared, Phelan locked them out.  Upon opening the door again, Phelan stabbed Martin, while his son looked on. 

Martin's cousin heard Martin's screams and was able to get him outside and apply pressure to the wound, but he was pronounced dead at an Oak Lawn hospital. 

Phelan's sister, Arnesia Phelan, told The Tribune that Martin physically abused her sister but only found out when she cancelled her baby shower, which was scheduled to take place on April 28. 

On Thursday, Lavelle described his father's last moments to The Chicago Sun-Times

'His last words was to me [...] he said, "I'm gonna die, but I love you."' he said. 

Martin's mother says, as a child he was always the one calming her and says her son wasn't a violent person.

A father's love: Larry Martin is seen here with son Lavelle
A father's love: Larry Martin is seen here with son Lavelle

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