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Monday, April 21, 2014

Over 200 Girls Kidnapped from Nigerian School

Previous reports by education officials that 85 girls had been kidnapped from a school in Nigeria is being drastically downplayed. 
Borno state education commission Musa Inuwo Kubo and the principal of the Chibok Government Girls Secondary School had initially said that 129 science students were at the school to write a physics exam when the abductors struck, after midnight on April 14. Twenty-eight pupils escaped from their captors between Tuesday and Friday. Then another 16 were found to be day scholars who had returned to their homes in Chibok before the attack. That left 85 missing students, according to school officials.
In fact, parents are stating over 200 girls are missing from the northeast Nigerian school attacked last week by Islamic extremists., nearly three times the number reported by education officials.
The new number was revealed today, a week after the kidnappings, when the Borno state Governor Kashin Shettima, insisted a military escort take him to the town. Security officials pleaded with the governor not to go stating this was too dangerous, as it is the birthplace of the terrorist network blamed for these abductions - Boko Haram. 
What a terrible situation.  Innocent girls, why? 

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