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Monday, April 21, 2014

Eric Williams from "Basketball Wives" and NBA Player is Broke and Homeless - ALLEGEDLY!

eric williams
Photo Courtesy of News One
Remember when Basketball Wives first aired and Jennifer Williams had a rude ass husband who treated her like shit - Eric Williams.  Well y'all the 41-year-old NBA forward is broke as hell.
Williams wrote a letter to the Colorado Family Court where he claims to be poverty stricken.  He goes on to say that he missed court because his last known address is no longer - he's homeless.  In fact, he is so broke that he couldn't even afford the plane ticket to get to Colorado, nor could he hire an attorney because he has no money, allegedly.  
Williams, who reportedly owes about $24,000 in back child support payments, closes this "poverty" letter by saying that he is currently working as a volunteer for a nonprofit organization stating, "I'm rebuilding stages of my life."
Well, if these ALLEGED claims are true, I say God don't like ugly, and he sure showed his ugly side on Basketball Wives.
It's so sad to see these celebs who have all this money and in the blink of an eye, it's gone ALLEGEDLY!! Where did the 40 mil go, certainly not to Jennifer. 
Another deadbeat or another athlete gone broke?  You decide!

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