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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Beyonce's Half Brother -Living in a Trailer and Collecting Food Stamps

Alexsandra Wright, the mother of  Beyoncé’s half brother, 4 y/o Nixon Alexander Knowles, has admitted that she and her son are struggling financially and Matthew Knowles, the child's father, is the reason why.

Wright has said publicaly that Matthew's lack of support has resulted in her moving from a three-bedroom house to a trailer park, just to keep a roof over her head.

TMZ reported that Matthew Knowles was ordered by a California court to pay Wright $12,000 a month in child support.  Knowles, a 61-year-old record executive who remarried a 48 y/o woman last July, reportedly became delinquent because he is no longer managing his daughter, Beyonce.

The two have been back and forth in court to work this out and just a few weeks ago, a judge reduced the child support to $2,485 per month. From $12,000 a month to $2,485...

To add insult to injury, the judge reportedly credited Matthew Knowles for "overpayments," which means Wright will not receive another payment for 3-1/2 years.  As a result, Wright has moved into a trailer and is receiving $300 a month in food stamps just to get by, thanks to a homeless support group just outside of L.A.

If all of that wasn't enough, Wright has been received death threats (over 1,000 each week).  Wright believes the threats stem from Beyonce's fans believing she is blaming the singer for her situation and for breaking up the marriage of Beyonce's parents.  Allegedly, Wright's affair with Matthew Knowles started while she was still married to Tina (Beyonce's mom).

Because of this mess, Wright went on “Inside Edition” to clear up some of these malicious rumors and hopefully end the threats.

Personally, I don't see how these celebs can have kids with someone and then claim poverty when the relationship is over.  Shouldn't that have been considered prior to have unprotected sex.  I mean, Matthew Knowles is damn sure old enough to know better.  Ms. Wright is not innocent in this either.  Does she have a job?  Did she think that Knowles would take care of her for the rest of her life?  C'mon, girlfriend, look around - it's not working out that way anymore.

As far as the judge's decision to reduce the payments - well I can understand that, but to give Knowles credit is absurd.  If he was financially able to pay that amount and that's the amount ordered, why should he get a credit?  And to say she doesn't receive another payment for 3 1/2 years, really!

So what's the child supposed to do?  Who is really suffering here, certainly not Matthew Knowles - he's remarried and moved on, and I'm sure he's not hurting for money.  He just doesn't want his son to have any of it.  This is just sad, but it just goes to show you what happens when you have kids with someone who you really don't know. 

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