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Monday, April 21, 2014

Anita Baker Fires Back at Home Improvement Company That Started the Warrant for Her Arrest

anita baker didnt even know she was sued
Photo Courtesy of Perez Hilton
Anita Baker was in the news recently, allegedly fleeing an arrest warrant due to a suit brought by a home improvement company.  Allegedly, Baker failed to pay the company and they took her to court.  When Baker didn't show up a warrant was issued for her arrest and rumors were circulating that she even skipped town to avoid arrest.
Well the Grammy Award-winning singer has regrouped and is firing back stating she didn't know she had been sued, allegedly.
I'm sorry, but you know when you know $15,000 and I'm sure the company tried to reach her on several occasions prior to suing Baker.
My personal thought is Ms. Baker thought they would let it go because of her fame, but I think they weren't having it and wanted their money, and rightly so. 
The Detroit Free Press reported on Saturday that Baker’s attorney says lawyers for Ray A. Smith Painting & Decorating “intended to put her in as embarrassing a light as possible.”
The 2011 lawsuit against Baker led to a warrant for her arrest, but the warrant was dismissed last month.
A hearing is scheduled for April 25 in Wayne County Circuit Court.  Let's hope this matter can get resolved and everybody can go on with their lives. 

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