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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vine Bans All Nudity and Pornographic Material

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I have to admit, some of the Vine clips are just hilarious, and while I haven't come across too many nude or poronographic clips, I'm sure there out there.  
Supportors of the Vine are upset about the new company rule, which bans all nudity and pornographic materials.  So upset that a petition has been started -  A Petition 
Is it that serious?  I guess for some it is. So far the petition has over 545 signatures after just one day. 
Part of the petition.
The important role of the Vine app – as a medium for users to freely express themselves – is under threat from a new policy.
As of March 6th, 2014, Vine has decided to remove all content labeled “adult content” and to suspend or ban users creating any content labeled “adult.” Vine’s stated reason for doing this is because they want users to “be comfortable.”
Many of us – as users of vine – do not participate in viewing or creating adult content, but we all recognize Vine as a place for freedom of expression.
We are disturbed by the precedent set on Vine for other applications and websites, including Twitter. We are also disturbed that we are not allowed to choose what we view.
Vine’s perception of its users as a community that advocates censorship is wrong. There is nothing comfortable to us about the slippery slope of censorship.[Read More]
Well, this outcome should be interesting....

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