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Monday, March 10, 2014

Terrell Owens: Deadbeat Dad or Victim of the System

If you let Terrell Owens tell it, the child support system needs "tweaking."  Owens states that although his financial status changed drastically - since he hasn't played b all since what 2010 - that his baby mamas are now labeling him a deadbeat dad.

It looks like he's trying to create the picture that as long as he was giving up the money, none of his baby mamas had anything bad to say about him.  But as soon as the financial support was decreased, only then did he become a bad father.

Owens admits that he has not spend a significant amount of time with his children, and attributes that to his football career and demanding schedule, but my question is what about now that he's not playing ball; is he spending any more time with the kids?

One of the mothers has offered Owens a "discount" on child support if he spends six hours a month with his daughter.  Now that doesn't sound like a greedy baby mama to me, but someone who truly wants their child's father in their life.  I don't know, but I'm just sayin'.

Recently after Necole Bitchie posted the news on her Instagram, visitors had some words for Terrell and he felt the need to comment on what they had to say about him...

I have to disagree with his statement that the system caters to women.  I know many males who are stepping up to the plate and being full-time dads because the moms either can't or won't do their job.

In T.O.'s case, and to his defense, more is demanded of him because he makes or "made" more money than the average person.  But at the end of the day, every person who chooses to be intimate with someone has to the option to "use" or "not to use" protection.

In Terrell's case, he choose not once or twice, but four times NOT to use some type of protection and these are the consequences of your actions, my brother!

Stop making excuses AND babies, and be a father.  Maybe time spent with your kids could compensate somewhat for the amount of money you can no longer give?  Try that instead of trying to make yourself look like the victim here.  It's the kids that suffer.

What do you think?

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