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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lil Boosie's Four Baby Mama's Reality TV Show - Say It Ain't So...

Just what we need another black reality TV show where they show their ass and make fools of themselves.

Well, Lil Boosie (who was recently released from prison) has fathered seven children (Ages 4-11) with four different women and guess what - they want a reality show.

That's right, according to TMZ, Boosie's baby mama's - Walnita, Tracey, Trivia, and Gerlissa - have been working on a pilot episode and they want their few seconds of fame.

I can't even imagine what this show would look like - well wait a minute, yes I can - I mean their names are Walnita, Gerlissa, and Trivia - need I say more.

Walnita was arrested back in '10 for trying to smuggle drugs into the jail for Boosie, so there you go right there!

Apparently, producers behind the show are shopping around for a network to pick it up, but so far no one seems to be interested. 

I think what they should be doing is helping dude find a source of income so he can help take care of all these babies he made so he can be a father to his children.

My people, my people...

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