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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Being Investigated for Kidnapping and Beating Employees Who Stole His Jewelry

Floyd Mayweather is under investigation for the brutal beating of two of his employees.  That's right - they allegedly stole jewelry from him and he took it upon himself to use them as punching bags for the theft.
That's not all - Mayweather allegedly called the employees to meet him at a specific location where he kidnapped them and along with some of his boys,  beat them with clubs, bats, etc, according to TMZ.  The victims were hospitalized with broken limbs and wear nearly "beaten to death."
This isn't the first time Pretty Boy Floyd has put his hands on someone outside the ring.  If you remember, he was charged back in 2002 with domestic violence and in 2004 was convicted on two counts of battery against two women.  Just a few years ago, back in 2010, his fiance, Josie Harris, filed a domestic battery report against the boxer and he served 90 days in jail.
Personally, I think given his past conviction and history of using his hands outside the ring, Mayweather should have simply called in the cops instead of handling it in the streets.  I'm sure his pride got the best of him and that's why he handled it this way - but come on, do you really want to risk everything over some jewelry.
My people, you've got to start using your head and not your hands.

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