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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Did Beyonce Order Universal to Drop Kelly Rowland from the Label

Kelly Rowland's Talk a Good Game solder over 200,000 albums, which is pretty good, so why was she dropped?
Well rumors are floating that Beyonce was doing some behind the scenes hating and called in a favor to the label - and boom, bye-bye Kelly.

From S2S magazine:
A recent development has some wondering whether Kelly has been dropped from Universal Republic. reports that Kelly’s no longer listed on the labels roster of artists.
This comes after her last album, Talk a Good Game, sold only 215,000 copies around the world. Supposedly there had been plans to re-release the album with some additional tracks. It’s not clear if that idea has been scrubbed in the wake of news that Kelly was cut from Universal.
Neither Kelly nor Universal have made any statement on the rumors at this time.
I don't know, but I'm sure Kelly won't have a problem getting picked up by another label.  The girl is hot these days and her music has skyrocketed in popularity.  Best to you Kelly! 

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