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Friday, March 21, 2014

Anita Baker On the Run from the Police!!

Guess Anita Baker ain't singing Caught Up in the Rapture this day.  I'm sad to say that the Grammy Award-winning singer, is a wanted women.
A judge signed off on the warrant this week all because Baker didn't pay a painter for work done on her home.  She's being sued for$15,000.
Is there something else going on with Baker?  I mean she's sold how many records - and even if it was back in the day, there should be some kind of royalties right?
Baker's lawyer is saying she wasn't served and didn't know she was being sued. REALLY!  We all know when we owe, don't we. 
Baker is apparently out of town and will remain so until the matter is cleared up. In other words, she's a fugitive from the law.  People we've got to do better.

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