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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Valet Writes "Jungle Fever" on Interracial Couple's Ticket and Forgets to Remove It

Georgia Couple Shocked Over Racial Slur on Valet Ticket

When Candea Aaron and her husband, Sam went out for dinner at Spondivits in East Point on New Years day, they were shocked to find the what was written on the valet ticket.

The valet ticket, still attached to the keys clearly had the words "jungle fever" written on one side. 
The phrase is a racial slur for an interracial couple.
The couple didn't notice any unusual interactions with the valet and on previous visits to the retaurant the valet ticket was always removed. 
"I've never had their [valet] tag left on the key," said Aaron. "He wanted us to see it."
Aaron and her husband, a military veteran who had recently returned from Kuwait, immediately contacted the restaurant and valet company.
"It was the shock of it all, it was so upsetting to us," said Aaron.
The Spondivits restaurant contracts with APS Valet to run their valet service. Aaron said she was told by the owner of APS that the valet responsible would immediately be fired and was offered a gift certificate for dinner, which she turned down.
According to ABC News affiliate WSB-TV in Atlanta, the owner of APS Valet confirmed that the valet in question no longer worked at the company and that "APS does not tolerate racism of any kind whatsoever."
Wow, was that a oops moment on the valet attendants part or did they really want them to see the ticket.  Nevertheless, one more in the unemployment line, and rightly so.

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