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Saturday, January 11, 2014

T.I. and Family Creating a Video Game with Russell Simmons

T.I. just revealed that he and his clan will be working with Russell Simmons to design a new video game.

Late last year, T.I. and his family partnered up to create the VH1 holiday cartoon special, “Holiday Hustle.” 

T.I. says his son Domani Harris will help in creating the music for the video game while his other children well help develop the game’s characters.

“Me and the kids we actually working alongside Russell Simmons and we working on a video game actually,” T.I. said. “Domani is doing the music for it. And we are—the kids—and collectively we’re I guess you could call it designing characters. It’s a huge opportunity for us. And I appreciate Russ and Natalia and the rest of the people, man. It’s called Green Rocks. I appreciate them for offering the opportunity and entrusting us with the opportunity to show what we can do and how we can contribute. And I’m looking forward to it.”

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