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Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Thug Baby's" Mother, 16, Speaks Out "I did not film the video..." Family Has a Lot of Other Issues

thug baby
Sounds like something out of a movie...Baby gets grazed by a bullet when house gets shot up....mother being arrested for weapons charges...guns found in a home where children raided results in 15 arrests - police searching for shooting suspect...Yes, they don't belong in the home - Mother and child....that is...


After watching the news clip with the cursing toddler uploaded by the Omaha Police Union, it appears that it wasn't the mother who posted or provoked the child to curse, but her brother's friend.  Now I don't know how she didn't hear her child cursing and the others laughing if she was "in another room," but it's a relief to know that the parents were not the ones who did this and posted it.

The mother, just 16, and her child were taken into custody as well as her sister's children because apparently the mother has some stuff going on with her.  Police arrested the grandmother of "thug baby," after finding five guns in the home.

This is a sad situation and a clear case of what happens when people lack proper parenting skills.  Again, I'll say parenting classes and resources for a safe environment should be the focus here.

I always say be careful what you post, but in this case, I think this was a blessing in disguise becuase some sort of intervention is definitely needed.

Praying for you to get the help you need so you can get your child back and you both can live in a safe and healthy environment. 

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