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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Hidden Poisons in Junk or Fast Food

There are times when some need to buy a snack while out but one should look at what they are eating before taking junk food for granted. Observations of practices associated with fast food in a food hall at the local mall were both an eye-opener and a wake-up call. One knows the danger of both salt and sugar to the health of the body and the arrival of a mother with a toddler in a pusher at one of the shop fronts sent shivers through me.

A few minutes earlier a staff member brought a newly cooked basket of chips and tipped them into the appropriate container behind the counter. He then salted them and very well, I might add. Stirring them up he went back inside when another man, possibly the owner, came to the chips and continued to salt them again. Whether he knew they were already salted or not is of little consequence but there was no communication apparent between the two.

The mother then ordered a bag of chips from a third man who, before dishing them into a bag, salted them again. She handed the bag of chips to her daughter along with a can of coke and left the child to consume them as she walked along. The salty ships made the need for the soft drink even more urgent and as it is full of sugar I wondered at what the mother was thinking.

The facts are we don't know what people do to our food before we buy it. Did they wash their hands after visiting the toilet is something that is always on my mind? Of course now most wear plastic gloves when serving food and frankly that is not much of a comfort. Watching the staff sweep the floors, wipe down counters and even empty rubbish tins with them on and then not changing the gloves before serving the customers is horrible. They often use the same hands and gloves to handle the food as well.

Toxic particles can cause death and the sugar and salt-laden foods are a recipe for diabetes, obesity and heart problems. Not many care about these things, obviously, as the venues are usually crowded and people appear over-anxious to stuff themselves at any cost. It's all adding to the medical bills and the loss of quality of life that many suffer as they age.

Observing the suffering by patients makes one aware of effects of diabetes and particularly careful about health matters so as to avoid such problems.

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