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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Game Going in the Ring With George Zimmerman March 1???

So George Zimmerman is challenging anyone in the ring, "even black people."  Huh, isn't that ironic.  He didn't put up his fists with Trayvon, did he!!!

My man, The Game has accepted the challenge. Standing 6'5 and weighing in a 240 lbs., Game is predicting a quick TKO.

Now listen to this, after Zimmerman's challenge - more than 4,700 people want to get in the ring and kick his ass.

Oh, listen to this, Zimmerman didn't agree to fight the Game, but he did agree to go head to head with DMX.  REALLY!!!

The decision will be made in a few days, but the date set for the fight is March 1, so we shall see. 

I say jump his ass - everybody.  I mean, Trayvon didn't stand a chance and certainly was at a disadvantage, so why not give him a little of his own medicine.

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