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Friday, January 10, 2014

Terrell Owens Getting Married to One Woman and Has Baby #5 on the Way With Another...SMDH...

Terrell Owens is getting married and NOT to any of his four baby mamas.   TMZ is reporting that the 40 y/o NFL ball player (or not) obtained a marriage license in L.A.  The wife to be is Rachel Snider a 33 y/o USPS worker from Texas.

The marriage license expires on April 8th, so the wedding is not too far off.  

I say congrats to Terrell and bye-bye to another brother hooking up with a white chick.  Although, he's not much of a catch since he's broke as hell.  Nevertheless, we wish them well!

BUT WAIT A MINUTE.....wasn't is just reported that Owens was having a baby with Lovette Gomez?  It was reported last month that Lovette was 16-weeks pregnant and she got pregnant while participating in a threesome ---You mean Terrell Owens isn't practicing safe sex when he can't take care of the kids he has now.  SMH...
terrellbaby e1386742872712 Say What: Terrell Owens Reportedly Has Another Baby On the Way?!

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