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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Swearing Toddler Taken From Parents

Video of a toddler swearing and being sworn at by adults caused an uproar when it was posted on the Omaha police union website.

I've been writing about the Omaha's Police Union's depiction of a "thug" by showing a little black toddler wearing a pamper and two adults throwing out curse words for him to mock.

Well, I guess the Nebraska authorities didn't find it very funny either.

Apparently this was the child's parents egging him on, and while this is not illegal, there are understandable concerns regarding the child/children's safety being cared for by parents who would even think about recording their child acting like this. 

The Omaha Police Department says it reviewed the video with prosecutors and authorities determined no laws were broken.  However, police say they worked with Child Protective Services regarding concerns for the toddler's well-being and the investigation did find safety concerns in the home that led to the removal of the four children.

Well, of course, they had to find something to turn the attention from them to the adults in the household.  

And the American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska, is believes they were dead wrong, and filed an excessive-force suit against the Omaha Police Department on behalf of an African-American family on Monday, said the union’s use of “racially charged language” was “very disconcerting.”

My personal thought: Removing the kids from the home may be a little extreme. Perhaps some parenting classes would've been more beneficial to the parents and the children involved. I mean how much stress are the children under being taken away when they did nothing wrong. Certainly a two-year-old doesn't understand, he's just mocking his parents.

What do you think?

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