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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kayne West's Assault Victim Wants $700,000 to Call It Even - Do you think Kanye is going for it?

Remember  a week or so ago when Kanye yoked up a 18-year-old for disrespecting his baby mama, Kim Kardashian?  Well little man wants several hundred thousands of dollars, according to TMZ.

He's already retained a lawyer and they are requesting to settle the case without criminal prosecution.

The victim says he does not want a trial as he does not want to go through the whole publicity thing, which is bound to happen. 

Hmmmm...I think they should go to trial and expose the ass for calling Kim a nigger lover and a few other choice words.  I doubt if Kanye will go to jail, but I can't see just handing over cash to someone who chose to get slick with their mouth and paid for it by getting their ass beat.

I don't condone violence, but I think this little shit had it coming.  Nigger lover.....hmmm.  I bet he'll think twice before saying those words again.  Or, maybe that was the plan, so he could get paid.

I guess both sides are in negotiations.  By the way, the victim didn't sustain any injuries.

I say he got what he deserved.  What do you think?

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