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Monday, January 13, 2014

Kayne Beats Some Young Boy's Ass for Calling Kim A Nigger lover and Stupid Slut

Well, I think that justifies a good ole ass whoopin, don't you?

According to TMZ, Kayne tries to knock somebody's block off for disrespecting his girl.According to a TMZ report, Kanye West just went upside some dude’s head for calling his woman, Kim Kardashian, a “nig*er lover” and “stupid slut.”

TMZ's report:

Kanye and Kim were in Beverly Hills when they were swarmed by photogs.  We’re told the 18-year-old came to Kim’s rescue and held the door of a medical building open so she could get in.  As Kim walked, the guy allegedly said, “F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs”" — referring to the paparazzi.  Kim then told him it was not appropriate to use the N-word.  We’re told he then screamed at her, “F**k you bitch.  Just trying to help you.  Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut.”

Apparently that got Kim hot as fish grease … she watched the guy walk into an office.  A short time later Kanye arrived and went into the office. 

Sources say Kanye and Kim rushed into the waiting room of chiropractor Richard Hill and found the 18-year-old sitting there.  Witnesses say Kanye punched the guy and Kim screamed, “We have it all on tape.”

So the two were separated and now the 18 y/o wants to press charges.

I say he got what he deserved... What do you think?

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