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Friday, January 31, 2014

Kanye West Settles Assault Case for $250k with 18- year-old Who Called Kim Kardashian a "Nigger Lover" and Threatened to Kill Her....Who's the Victim Again?

It looks like Kayne is getting away without any charges, after the 18 year old, "boy" that beat up for disrespecting his baby mama, Kim Kardashian settled for 250k.

According to TMZ, the LA District attorney will not prosecute because there really is no case.  The victim was not hurt and he basically refused to cooperate. 

I wish Kanye had of knocked his block off for calling Kim a "nigger lover."  That's just rude and wrong.  Hell, they should've brought charges against him for threatening to kill her.

I guess those 30+ punches to he took were well worth the bruised ego he experienced.  Sort of smells like a set up to me - like it was planned to go down this way.

I'm just saying....

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