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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jennifer Hudson Remarks About A Certain Singer Being "Overrated" and "Too Old" to Be Singing About Sex - I wonder who she could be talking about...

Jennifer Hudson made some sideways comments recently about a certain artist that she thought was overrated and just too old to still be signing about sex.

If you didn't catch that, you can check it out on Rhymes with Snitch [click here if you missed that].

Jennifer SORT OF cleared up the statement after a few Beyonce Knowles fans accused her of talking about Beyonce...

Jennifer should know that she can't throw dirt and not expect to get dirty, especially making statements that appear to be geared at one specific person, although she didn't have the nerve to say who she was talking about.

The comments are flying about her "bobble head" and how she thinks she's "better than everybody" because she lost some weight.

Jennifer used to be a real down to earth and humble person - I don't know what happened, but she'd better be careful who she slams because she might be the one down for the count when it's all over and done with.

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