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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jamaican Crack Dealer Banned from London Borough But Cannot be Deported

Jailed: Keno Forbes, 35, who was jailed for drug dealing has won the right to stay in Britain indefinitely

Keno Forbes, 35, aka Blood, is a Jamaican crack dealer who has won the right to stay in Britain even though he was jailed for drug numerous drug offenses.

Forbes, who admitted to 11 counts of supplying Class A drugs, has been banned from the entire London Borough; however, he cannot be deported due to a breach of his family life.  Forbes cannot return to North London for 10 years.  

Keno Forbes, 35, was also banned from an entire London Borough but has been told he can stay in the country because deporting him would breach his family life.

Mr Justice McCloskey, President of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber Upper Tribunal, said it was a 'borderline case' but ruled that he had decided 'narrowly in favor' of allowing Forbes to stay.

His lawyers successfully argued that deporting Forbes would ruin his relationship with his wife and children.  He concluded that if the Jamaican was deported: 'His wife and children will, realistically, remain in the United Kingdom, giving rise to long term decimation of their established family life.'

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