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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Her Ass is 7-Feet Wide...And She's Proud of It - This is Just Wrong....

big, bigg, ladyDid you think it was a typo when I said 7 feet wide - well it wasn't.  Yes that's right and guess what - 33-year-old Sarah Massey from Chi-town says she will no longer feel ashamed of her body, so deal with it!

“Everyday I get some kind of comment thrown at me, both good and bad – I used to be ashamed but now I hold my head high,” says Massey, who receives $1231 in disability benefit each month as a result of having limited mobility, according to Daily Mail.
She claims her condition is hereditary (though she only says the women in her family have large hips, but offers no medical condition); and that there is “nothing” she can do about it.  Massey also says she was teased at school.

sarah massey in chairI'm glad girlfriend is proud and all, but there's nothing she can do about it - oh hell no - there's plenty you can do about it!

sarah massey (massive fat)

‘Although I love my butt I would like to make it just a little bit smaller,’ she confessed. ‘The size that it is causes back problems- even sitting down on a chair can be painful.’
sarah massey & husband
Sarah’s big ol’ butt attracts men years older than her, including Albert (left), the father of her sons
‘If I can inspire others to embrace their curves and be proud big, beautiful women, I would be very happy.’
Sarah went on to say that she plans on working out so she can lose some weight, which is the best news I've heard today.  But seriously, you can do it!  Get with a trainer or just start walking and eating healthier.

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