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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting Over a Bad Relationship

Getting over a bad relationship can prove to be very hard and in some instances can prove to be impossible. Most people who have been in bad relationships find it hard to get the relationship out of their minds as it becomes part of them but getting over it can be easy for someone if they follow some steps.

Here are some of the steps one can follow:
Let go of the negative emotions.
One needs to learn how to let go as a negative attitude towards someone will not help even though the partnership was a negative one. A regret and hatred towards someone will not help. Realize that your relationship with the individual was special in its own way and although it did not work in the way you had hoped that it would work you were brave enough to go through the experience and you have to let go now.
Do not revert your decision or rethink it
If you are coming out of a bad relationship and it was your decision that you need to move out of it try not to go back to it, if you keep thinking of the sweet moments and the honeymoon phase of it you will be back in the relationship in no time and that will spell disaster at getting over a bad relationship. It is very common for one to second guess themselves after their minds take them through all the moments of the relationship as you will begin to think "it wasn't that bad, it could work" if you have made a decision keep with it and run with it.
You need space
Even if your relationship is missed but you and your ex have decided to stay as friends you need to break away from each other completely after the relationship. This means not having contact with each other not being around places where he is at not calling each other staying away from each other's friends not chatting on face book or emailing try as hard as you can to cut all ties immediately after the break up. If you are convinced by either your ex or yourself that you want to meet up sit and ask yourself what would be the point really. If you will have the same kind of contact with your ex you will find yourself back in the bad relationship again regretting why, and wondering what you did wrong.
How to cope with the pain
It is perfectly normal to feel like you have made the wrong decision and to feel like you could have come up with a better strategy to make things work and it is perfectly normal to have immense pain after you are through a relationship even a bad one. When the pain hits you the best thing one could do is remind yourself that the relationship was not good for you and take it as a learning experience for the future.
After a bad relationship and after getting over a bad relationship most people give up on relationships which is the wrong thing take it as a learning phase that will help you make better decisions in the future and make you grow as a person.
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