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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christians Pray for a Peaceful 2014 in Jamaica

While many were out dancing and partying into 2014, thousands of  Jamaicans rang were bringing in the New Year at churches across the island as the prayed for a peaceful 2014.

Jamaica is no stranger to violence, in fact 2013 ended with 1,200 murders, and just slightly less at 1,097 the year prior.

Gospel singer Carlene Davis (right) and her husband Tommy Cowan giving praise to God for the New Year during Watch Night service at Church on the Rock in St Andrew.

At Boulevard Baptist Church in St Andrew, prayers offered up for the nation were not only that God rid the country of crime and violence, but also of sexual immorality, mental and physical abuse and for protection of the nation's children.

At the Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre on Waltham Park Road, an inspector of police, who declined to give her name, said she was hoping that Jamaicans will show more neighborly love in the New Year.

"We hope to see more love and peace in Jamaica, more neighbors caring for each other. As the police can't be everywhere, citizens have to take some of the responsibility for caring for each other and this will help to reduce criminal activities," she said.

A number of uniformed police officers were in attendance at the services, as well.

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