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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tyga Tricks Out His Maybach 62 S Convertible Spending Almost a Million Dollars, Including a 40 inch TV Screen

I guess Tyga is doing better than a lot of us thought - my man just dropped $.2. million on a 2014 convertible Maybach 62 S Landaulet.

But that's not the crazy part - the car cost $1.3 mil, but West Coast Customs tricked it out for just under a mil.

Now you might be asking what can you do to a vehicle with that much extra money?  Well how about a 40 inch TV - that's right a 40 inch screen, in the car.

Tyga must be living large because he's right up there with Jay Z and Bird Man, who also have the 62 S.

He plans on showcasing the whip in his new video, "Wake Up In It."

Well for that amount of money you should sleep in it, wake up in it, cook dinner in it, hell live in it...

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